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Background Verification

Background verification is a very important step in the due diligence process done by CV Information. As jobs become more competitive, it is very common for applicants to either falsify or exaggerate or withhold some very crucial information in their resumes or in the interview.  In this scenario, getting background verification of the candidate becomes very imperative for a Company to ensure that selection of the candidate is done based on authentic information.  CV Information carries out various types of verifications of the candidate. At CV Information, every candidate before placement goes through this screening process. Through e-mail, phone, direct visits to the company where the candidate worked previously and visits to the neighbourhood where the candidate resides, we obtain and verify relevant information and credentials of the candidate. And CV Information carries this out with great efficiency and in a highly professional manner for which we are greatly appreciated by our clients.  Following are some of the important verifications CV Information carries out at the behest of our clients:


Employment Verification

Through this we try to assess the accuracy of information with regard to (a) Dates of employment extended to cover job changes; (b) Position, title or responsibilities; (c) Employer listed is true or fictitious. We verify information provided to them by the applicant. The report will contain dates of employment, last position and responsibilities handled along with eligibility to be hired.


Education Verification

This is the most frequently falsified information by the candidates in their resumes.  Through Education Verification Process, we try to get accurate information on  (a) type of degree; (b) type of programs attended; (c) certificates from Fake Universities; (d) Forged percentage of marks. We validate:  schools attended, diplomas, degrees, certificates and dates of attendance.  This enables the HR Department to make correct decisions based on the accurate assessment of candidate’s skills, degrees and experience.


Criminal Verification

Criminal records if any, is almost always withheld by the Candidates.  And no Employer would be at ease hiring a person with criminal record.  With lack in India of online database availability, there is no way an Employer can find out about the criminal background of the candidate, unless through Physical verification of the records.  It is a known fact that most of the certificates issued by the Police Verification Department lack in credibility.  At CV Information, we use the network of our own field investigators to get as accurate and credible information as possible.


Address Verification

The Documentation provided by the candidates for Address Proof, viz. Aadhar Card, or Pan Card, or Driving License, or Voters ID is often of their temporary address and often the candidates no longer reside there.  Based on our Clients’ need, we at CV Information physically verify a candidate's past, current and permanent addresses.


Referral Verification

Reference checks provide employers with valuable information.  The persons mentioned in the resume as References, if found to be credible, can provide valuable insights to the employers about the candidate’s education, employment background data, professional work habits, competency, character, personality and integrity.  We, at CV Information assess the credibility of persons given as References.


Family Background Verification

A person’s character, attitude, values system, etc. is often the product of his or her family background.  A person’s attitude to life is often determined by family background.  An employer can avoid hiring a wrong person, if he goes through due diligence process with regard to the candidate’s family background.  Without it, there is possibility of the employer winding up with an employee who steals from you, from your other employees or from your customers. The wrong employee may turn out to be violent or having undesirable character traits.  All this can be avoided by going through Family Background verification. We, at CV Information, provide to our clients report about the type of reputation enjoyed by the family and about the values subscribed to by the members of the family.

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